19 Taps to Choose From

Beer Guide 101

Picking your poison can be a challenge, so we made this beer guide to help you make an educated choice if you are trying to venture into the craft beer world.


Lager – This is the simplest and easiest drinking beer which ranges from the lightest to a little bit darker. If a customer asks for something light these are your go to beers!

Ale – An ale is another classic style of beer. Ales tend to be more complex and can be lighter, while others have more hops.

Wheat – Wheat beer is a style for a beginner, or someone looking for a lighter beer. They are light, easy drinking beers. A lot of wheat beers will have a slight citrus characteristic.

IPA – This is the beer that is measured in hops and is described as a bitter beer. The more hops, the more bitter the beer. IPAs can be very different however, so be aware of which style you’re ordering. IPAs will have a fruity, citrus-like earthy, or piney taste to them.

Pale Ale – The little brother to the IPA. Pale ales will have less bitterness than the IP A and the result is an easier drinking, hoppy beer.

Belgian – A beer that can range from amber to blonde in color and offers numerous styles. These are typically defined by little to no hop flavor while offering a sometimes spicier or sweeter finish on the palate.

Brown Ale – A beer that offers more of a full-bodied taste. Brown ales are malty beers which are full flavored. They can be richer and sometimes have a nutty taste to them. These beers are extremely food friendly and go with pretty much everything!

Stout/Porter – These beers are different in style and brewing process, but can still be classified in the same category. This is considered a “dark” beer ( along with brown ales) which contain flavors such as roasted malts, choco­late, and coffee.

Happy hour

3PM to 6PM Monday – Friday

$1.00 off Drafts

$2.oo off Signature Drinks

(See Your Server For Details)

Flight Night

Mondays and Fridays

Four – 4oz glasses of any draught


Man cannot live on beer alone!! As there are many varieties of wine the same holds true for beer. It is our goal to find the best and most unique beers no matter what style and bring them to you. We have several tap lines, all of which rotate your favorite IPA’s, lagers, porters and stouts and hopefully a few you have yet to try.

Wine Menu

All of our wines have been tasted and assessed as showing certain styles and character that complement our cuisine and will undoubtedly appeal to the discerning tastes of our guests.

Our wine list will always consist of local, imported, as well as some unique wines that are distributed from out of our area, and are exclusive to our establishments only.

When we taste and ultimately choose our wines, we always have our guest in mind. If you would like some guidance with your choice, we are always very pleased to offer advice and information about every wine on our list.

Signature Drinks

Moscow Mule

Tito’s Vodka, Ginger Beer, Fresh Limes

Rosé Wine Mule

Rosé Wine, Crabbies Ginger Beer and Fresh Limes

Old Fashioned

Our own recipe made with Templeton’s Rye Whiskey

Grow a Pear

Grey Goose Vodka, St. Germain Liqueur, Lime, Bitters


Traditional Manhattan served with Bulleit Bourbon

Italian Margherita

Tequila, Amaretto, Sour, OJ, Lemonade, Lemon, Lime, Cinnamon-Sugar rim

Bella Donna

Bacardi Superior Light Rum, Meyers Dark Rum, OJ, Cranberry and Pineapple Juices